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Not Yet series, Part 1/4

Title: When
Author: zionsstarfish
Rating/Warnings: Part 1 is PG, the overall rating is R. The only warnings are for a couple curse words and an eenie bit of blushy boyflirting.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Read by: e_dork
Link (to the file): YSI, Aug 16
Link (to the text): Skyehawke
Length: 22:38 (20.74mb)

so..um, this is playing perfectly well in iTunes and Windows Media Player but Musicmatch Jukebox plays the file like it's posessed by Darth Vader and apparently Winamp won't play it at all. I have no idea what's going on - possibly the schmancy echo effect added to a couple lines to indicate that they're in Draco's head. woe.
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Ooo! I open up my flist and there it is - a shiny new audio post on fellytone_fic that wasn't made by me!

*goes off to listen*

so..um, this is playing perfectly well in iTunes but my Musicmatch Jukebox plays the file like it's posessed.

Yeah, it wouldn't play at all on Winamp, it sounded like Darth Vadar on Musicmatch, but, sounds fine on iTunes... *shrugs*

However, it's quite good so far! Keep up the good work! *hugs*
Huh. Very strange indeed. I got it to play fine on Windows Media Player. Wonder if it has something to do with that echo effect I put in. Sucks that I erased the raw recording...oh well.

Thanks very much! *g*
Yes, it has been rather quiet here for a while hasn't it? We need to kick this comm back into action.

I listened to Waters of March 3.2 last night (and enjoyed it muchly) and went to Skyehawke to check the number of chapters and only when I saw the lyrics did I realize the title was taken from a jazz song that I love - a major *headdesk* moment. I'll have to post the song once the readings are complete. (oooh, incentive...unless you hate jazz, of course :P)
Post away - I'd love to hear the song!!

Only one more chappie (and an epilogue) left for The Waters of March... I'll be sad when it's over, however, I've got another one all approved by the author and waiting in the wings!

I'm hoping with summer break nearly over folks will flock back here *crosses fingers and goes off to pimp the comm some more*
Thanks, I'm grabbing. I haven't read this fic yet so it will be interesting to listen.
!!!!!! Are you able to refresh the link? I'd love to hear it :) Thank you!
Meep! author!! *falls to knees chanting I am not worthy*

*cough* um, yes. I've updated the link. I hope to have up another part or two in the next few days (it would have happened sooner but summer semester finals and whatnot...)

awesome, thank you!
I just listened to the file today... omg. I can't even begin to explain how appreciative I am that you did this... it feels like a present just for me :D Your voice is wonderful! I especially adore your 'wh' sounds, which probably sounds silly, but true. Thank you SO much.

<3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 <3
Yes, please. Re-upload, someone, 'else I'll die of suspense. Besides, the author ::points upward:: has asked so much more politely. ^^;; Appreciate it.
updated! see above :)