Tarot Empress (tarotemp) wrote in fellytone_fic,
Tarot Empress

The Waters of March chapter 2 - part 1 & 2

Title: The Waters of March
Author: geoviki (aka Duinn-Fionn)
Rating/Warnings: M
Pairings (if any): Harry/Draco
Read by: tarotemp
Link (to the file): Chapter 2 - part 1 Chapter 2 - part 2
Link (to the text): at Skyehawke
Length: 9:16 (5.30 MB) and 8:20 (4.77 MB) respectively

Chapter 2 - Silver Shining
It's a tally, it's a tale
It's a fish, it's a gesture
It's the morning's light
It's silver shining.

Note: Technical difficulties at my end kept me from being able to post when originally promised. However, we are now back in business... huzzah!
Note2: Need to catch up? Let me know and I can upload ch. 1 to YSI.
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