Dipsy FarklePants: hot swashbuckler (e_dork) wrote in fellytone_fic,
Dipsy FarklePants: hot swashbuckler

Not Yet series, Part 1/4

Title: When
Author: zionsstarfish
Rating/Warnings: Part 1 is PG, the overall rating is R. The only warnings are for a couple curse words and an eenie bit of blushy boyflirting.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Read by: e_dork
Link (to the file): YSI, Aug 16
Link (to the text): Skyehawke
Length: 22:38 (20.74mb)

so..um, this is playing perfectly well in iTunes and Windows Media Player but Musicmatch Jukebox plays the file like it's posessed by Darth Vader and apparently Winamp won't play it at all. I have no idea what's going on - possibly the schmancy echo effect added to a couple lines to indicate that they're in Draco's head. woe.
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