Dipsy FarklePants: hot swashbuckler (e_dork) wrote in fellytone_fic,
Dipsy FarklePants: hot swashbuckler

Not Yet series, Part 2/4

Title: Not Yet
Author: zionsstarfish
Rating/Warnings: Part 2 is R, though a lighter R than the overall series as it is only for a few lines toward the end.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Read by: e_dork
Links (to the file): stream it @ Putfile or download @ YSI
(the putfile link should stay online for the duration of its activity plus six months)
Link (to the text): Skyehawke
Length: 4:39 (4.26mb)

Notes: I thought it was only going to be a problem with the Part 1 file but this sounds off when played in Musicmatch Jukebox too. In fact, all four readings I have done sound funky in Musicmatch. If someone with Winamp will check to see if it will play I'd appreciate it. I have absolutely no clue why this is happening - I assume other people have used Audacity to edit their files too so it shouldn't be that.

I shouldn't be as long in getting Part 3 up. I've got about half of it recorded already, it is just a much longer section and finding time when no one is at home has been difficult. Hopefully it will be up by Thursday because I'll be moving to start an internship then and I don't know yet whether I will be the only person staying in the intern house or not.
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