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Welcome to fellytone_fic!

What? But Why?
Bring your fanfiction with you! This community is designed to make audio recordings of your favorite Harry Potter fics so that you may save them and do whatever you want with them. Burn them to CD and listen to them in your car. Save them to your iPod and listen to them at school. Put them in your computer’s playlist. Do whatever you want- it’s up to you!

How does this work?
This community is still in the beginning stages, and so the kinks are still being worked out. As it stands right now, anyone can join and anyone can make audio posts. At the beginning of each month (or each week, or every few days, depending on how active the community is) I will ask each member to choose any ONE or TWO fics to be added to that month’s master list. You must request permission from the author in order to request a fic, or to post a recording of a fic that has not been requested. (*See below for a list of authors who have given standing invitations to read their work.) I will post the list (and will add to it as more people reply) and anyone in the community can choose any fic on the list to read aloud. Read as many as you like! The more, the better. This means (hopefully) members will have more than one version of a story to listen to and can choose whichever version they like best.

Ok, I want to record, but how do I do it?
Paid livejournal accounts let you make phoneposts from certain areas. Feel free to use this option! Audioblogger also allows you to make free phone posts. Go! Sign up! It’s free! Or if you have a microphone Wavepad is free to download for those of you who don’t already have recording programs on your computers. Also, Audacity is a great program to use. It also has DLs for Macs!

Do I HAVE to read aloud to be a part of this community?
Absolutely not. Feel free to lurk and download as much as you want without reading anything out loud. Or the other way around. Just want practice reading out loud but have no desire to download fan-read fanfic? Read as many of the stories as you want and post them.

What is the posting format?
Pairings (if any):
Read by:
Link (to the file):
Link (to the text):

Please *always* follow this posting format. No off topic posts, please. Suggestions for the community, questions, etc, should be posted either to the current month’s master list or emailed directly to me. Fic you want read aloud should be posted in the comments of the appropriate post made by a moderator.

If you're too lazy to type it all in, copy this handy little form and paste it into your post:

Is there an archive?
All recordings and master lists will be archived in our memories. Chances are links to much older audio files will be broken, but you can easily ask the user who recorded to re-upload. The memories section will also include tutorials and important links and information, such as how to use recording programs and how to share your files.

Master List of Fics We Recommend
Remember, you can post anything you like to this community. It doesn't have to be on the list, but you must have the author's permission first.

A List of Authors Who Have Given Blanket Permission to Read Their Fic:
atalantapendrag - Her Skyehawke archive can be found here.
belovedranger - Her Checkmated archive can be found here.
chicleeblair - Her Fiction Alley archive can be found here.
figliaperduta - Her Skyhawke archive can be found here.
geoviki - Her Skyhawke archive can be found here.
hiccupsweets - Her Fiction Alley archive can be found here.
holographis/elynrae - Check out her lj, or her Skyhawke archive can be found here.
setissma - Her Skyhawke archive can be found here.
Sam Starbuck, aka copperbadge - His archive can be found here.

Fantastic dork and secret scarlet woman (Creator/Mod): modernmouse
Local giver of aid and assistance (Co-mod): figliaperduta
Technical genius and brilliant archiver (Co-mod): baseballchica03
Power hungry helper of great importance (Co-mod): soleta

DISCLAIMER: The characters and situations of Harry Potter depicted in this community are the legal property of J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury, Scholastic and AOL Time Warner, and have been used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is being made off this community; it is for entertainment purposes only.

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